ALICE LANARI. Filmmaker. Alice Lanari holds a Master Degree in Image and Sound from Universidade de Brasília, and a bachelor degree in Social Communication from Escola de Comunicação, UFRJ (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil). She has also studied Cinematography at CFP-SICA (Buenos Aires, Argentina).
The filmmaker has made two documentaries as a director: the medium-length film “Escuta, gajon”  and the short film “Lembra-te”, exhibited in festivals such as the 14ª Mostra Internacional do Filme Etnográfico, the III Visões Periféricas, and the I MOVE – Mostra do Vídeo Etnográfico. She has directed videoclips for artists such as Karina Buhr (Amor Brando), Nervoso (Já desmanchei minha relação) and Vecina (Domingo), and taught audiovisual workshops for the general public in Amazonas, Goiás, and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Alice Lanari has worked for 10 years as an assistant director in long-feature films such as Juízo (Maria Augusta Ramos), Achados e Perdidos (José Joffily), O Diabo a Quatro (Alice de Andrade), and 1972 (José Emílio Rondeau), as well as in the short films Mini Cine Tupy (Sergio Bloch) and Bala Perdida (Victor Lopes), to name a few. She also worked as an assistant director for many directors in publicity films in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, until she founded Gaivota Studio, where she works mainly as a director.
Lanari has worked for 3 years as a representative for TvZERO in Buenos Aires, facilitating international co-productions for Brazilian long-feature films in negotiations that took place in Latin-American markets such as VentanaSur (Argentina), DocMontevideo (Uruguay), and DocsDF (Mexico).
Alice Lanari has just finished making her first long-feature film, the documentary América Armada, co-directed by Pedro Asbeg and co-produced by Globo Filmes/GloboNews and by Canal Brasil. Filmed in Brazil, Mexico and Colombia, it will premiere next year.